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Greenspade Cocofibre 5L - Prince Garden Centre
Greenspade Cocofibre 5L - Prince Garden Centre

Greenspade Cocofibre 5L


Transform your humble balcony into a verdant paradise or your windowsill into a mini jungle with Greenspade Cocofibre 5L! This natural potting medium, crafted from coconut coir, offers the ideal foundation for:

  • Thriving Growth: The loose, airy texture ensures superior drainage and aeration, preventing root rot and promoting robust root development, leading to happy, healthy plants.
  • Moisture Retention: Cocofibre's unique ability to hold water efficiently keeps your plants hydrated without becoming soggy, minimizing watering concerns and maximizing plant satisfaction.
  • Versatile Goodness: Perfect for a wide range of plants, from delicate ferns and vibrant flowers to thirsty vegetables and thriving herbs, Greenspade Cocofibre caters to diverse needs.
  • Sustainable Choice: Made from a renewable resource and packaged in minimal plastic, this eco-friendly option allows you to care for your plants and the planet.


  • Natural coconut coir: This renewable resource offers superior drainage, aeration, and moisture retention, creating an ideal environment for plant growth.
  • Lightweight and easy to use: Cocofibre is significantly lighter than traditional soil, making it easy to handle and transport, even for those with limited mobility.
  • pH neutral: Perfect for a wide range of plants with varying pH preferences, reducing the need for additional soil amendments.
  • Long-lasting performance: Cocofibre naturally resists decomposition, offering sustained support for your plants without requiring frequent replacement.
  • Sustainable choice: Reduces your environmental footprint with a renewable resource and minimal plastic packaging.


  • Witness a garden transformation: Experience a surge in healthy, vibrant growth across your plant collection, bringing your green dreams to life.
  • Simplify plant care: The superior drainage and moisture retention minimize watering concerns and hassle, letting you enjoy your thriving greenery.
  • Invest in versatility: One medium caters to a variety of plants, simplifying your potting mix choices and reducing clutter.
  • Go green with confidence: Choose a sustainable option that benefits your plants and the planet, promoting eco-conscious gardening practices.
  • Celebrate plant joy: Witness the radiant health and vitality of your leafy friends, sparking delight and satisfaction in every corner of your green haven.

Whether you're a seasoned plant parent with a diverse collection or a curious newbie eager to cultivate your first green friend, Greenspade Cocofibre 5L is your key to unlocking the full potential of your plant family. Embrace the power of this versatile, eco-friendly solution and watch your garden erupt in a breathtaking symphony of healthy growth and vibrant life, one happy leaf and thriving root at a time!

Additional Information:

  • Material: 100% natural coconut coir
  • Size: 5 liters
  • Application: