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Orchid Fort 67 500ml - Prince Garden Centre
Orchid Fort 67 500ml - Prince Garden Centre

STARX - Orchid Fort 67 500ml


Orchid Fort 67 500ml: Unleash Spectacular Blooms and Boasting Orchids

Experience orchid blooms like never before with Orchid Fort 67 500ml! This concentrated liquid fertilizer, specially formulated for orchid care, goes beyond basic nourishment. It's your secret weapon for unlocking vibrant colors, longer-lasting blooms, and overall orchid health that takes your breath away.

Why Choose Orchid Fort 67?

  • Powerful Bloom Booster: An optimized NPK ratio (13-13-34) focuses on maximizing flower production, encouraging larger, more vibrant blooms that last for weeks.
  • Enhanced Root System: Essential phosphorus and potassium strengthen root development, improving nutrient uptake and overall plant vigor.
  • Stress Fighter: Fortified with essential micronutrients and magnesium, it bolsters your orchid's resilience against environmental stresses and common diseases.
  • Gentle & Plant-Friendly: The gentle formula avoids harsh chemicals, preserving the delicate nature of orchids while promoting strong, healthy growth.
  • Long-Lasting Results: Enjoy weeks of sustained blooming and healthy growth with a single application.
  • Easy to Use: Simply mix with water and apply according to recommended dosage for effortless orchid care.

Orchid Fort 67 empowers you to:

  • Witness jaw-dropping blooms: Boasting orchids with dazzling colors, larger blooms, and extended blooming periods.
  • Strengthen your orchid family: Cultivate healthy, sturdy plants with strong root systems that thrive for years to come.
  • Enjoy stress-free orchid care: Give your orchids the extra support they need to resist common challenges and maintain vibrant health.
  • Embrace the joy of flowering: Transform your home into a blooming oasis with orchids reaching their full potential.

Order your Orchid Fort 67 500ml today and embark on a journey of orchid enchantment!